20 July 2009

Yet I Wonder What Happened To Excitement

The weekend weather was incredibly mild in the St. Louis area and much of the midwest --- about the eastern half of the United States --- and I wasn't about to miss it. Or was I?

I just realized that outside of mowing the lawn on Saturday, taking out trash, going to the mattress retailer to pick up a bed frame, and not much else, the only outdoors thing I did all weekend was to attend a backyard barbecue (which was wonderful, I must admit, even though we only stayed for about 3 hours or so).

This leads me to ponder the question (as I get ready to go to work) --- what can and will I do for excitement on a Monday?

Perhaps before the end of the day I will have the answer. At least I can say this much without reservation: I'm blessed, whether it's with family, friends, co-workers, or otherwise known acquaintances --- I will enjoy the talents of all these people today. And even if I don't conscientiously acknowledge those talents outwardly, by the end of today I will be glad that I've had the chance to see them in use.

Tomorrow it's a different set of talents to observe and enjoy.

It's funny to me, but I don't sound excited in my head --- but when I read it on the page, it appears to me that I am excited about the days ahead. It's not something I'm questioning...I just find myself in wonder.


I share a funny video --- I love how these things just show up in life. A friend and author from Houston TX, Andrew Lazo, shared this on Facebook this morning. Being I am from Generation X, this video was a direct hit for me. Actually, it was TWO hits for me. View it and laugh:


"And that's the way it is. Good day!"

18 July 2009

The Thumbnail For Sale On Ebay

You never know what you'll find out on Ebay, or if you will ever bid on an item. Occasionally we grow curious and wonder what is behind the bidding process for the party/parties involved. In this case, I know a person whose mission this week is: selling a broken thumbnail on Ebay.

I give you the transcript of my interview with "shukuacacia" --- the seller of this item.

Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130319448837


Tell me about this nail. How did it break?

Umm, I dont know honestly. I was drunk...but possibly from punching a wall.

Which nail broke?

Right thumb nail.

(Here's a link to the ebay listing and picture)

Does the thumb nail area hurt?

No actually, it broke down in the "pink" area so I didn't want to finish the break in fear of pain and blood, so I just let it be for a week and a half...and I was very careful not to break it, but then when I was rolling up my window the other side of my nail broke...so then on either side there was a break in pink part, and as time went on the break got bigger until it was all the way across. But my nail was still on because just above that break there was the nail...still pink, attached to skin. And, after it being like that for two days, it finally just came off with no pain or blood.

Wow...how lucky do you feel?


It's not the most mainstream item found on Ebay --- WHY sell your thumbnail?

(To)just see what will happen...will anyone buy it? If so, how much will they pay for it, and will someone get into a bidding war for it??

It's all a very thrilling experience to see what happens to something most people just ingore/throwaway.


That's the thumbnail sketch of why she's selling a thumbnail on Ebay.