16 February 2011

Jim Hoft: Targets Himself

When one is a blogger and frequently names political activists opposed to one's viewpoint, there is little doubt that integrity can be called into question. MANY GOOD REPORTERS call into question the integrity of one JIM HOFT, author of the following article about CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan: After Sexual Assault & Beating...

HOFT will learn the hard way that the middle of the road reporters can and will call him out for being an extremist with no valid reason to comment upon something that he would not be prepared to do himself --- be a REAL and well-intentioned reporter. WELL, JIM HOFT, consider yourself warned by the middle of the road...not the "left", not the "right", not a "radical" something.

JIM HOFT: You're being called out by mainline, mainstream reporters who have no political agenda --- as you do --- because you're a lackluster blogger, an extremist radical who deserves to be ridiculed and mocked by all sensible persons. We can see you for what you are, which is simply an extremist blogger with no credentials as a reporter. He will likely resort to attacking me and others to ask why we can clearly state he lacks reporting skills or credentials. But even doing something as mundane as doing a Google Search for JIM HOFT points to his lack of skills at reporting.


From the LIFEBOAT FOUNDATION BIO, on whose "ETHICS BOARD" sits this Jim Hoft:

Jim Hoft is the author of this article and author of Gateway Pundit, one of the leading conservative blogs on the internet today and which currently draws over a quarter of a million readers each month. He has led the pack on many news stories and has been the guest of numerous radio talk shows and panel discussions on current events. Gateway Pundit is often linked by internet giants and has been mentioned in the Washington Post, New York Sun, and the British daily Telegraph.

Jim earned a BS in Biology at Loras College. He is professionally one of the few in his field certified to train High Performance Team Building in World Class Organizations. He has researched microbes at the source of the Mississippi River in Itasca, Minnesota.

He also has modeling and acting accomplishments to his credit. He starred in numerous national commercials, has made appearances in nationally syndicated television shows and has been pictured in various publications from Caterpillar's Catalog to The St. Louis Post Dispatch. He's made brief appearances in film.


So, he has modeled and done acting in commercials. He has a BS in Biology, researching microbes. He is certified to train team building.

What does ANY of that have to do with REAL WORLD REPORTING, other than perhaps researching microbes? And, when he researches those microbes, do they report something that will make ANYONE'S newscast?

So, in short, Jim Hoft is a blowhard blogger with no real reporting skills --- just a right-wing-only point of view. And he'll probably come after me in attack mode to counter that I have no credentials which validates my telling the world that a schmuck like Jim Hoft needs to permanently misplace or lose his keyboard and stop inciting the wrath of intelligent human beings. Frankly, you went after Lara Logan to get people to read your words. Bad move, Jim Hoft, because there will be lots of NOT-SO-LEFT people who will read your words and feel that you have betrayed the right and the far-right.

Well, that's sugar-coating it a bit, Jim Hoft. I would prefer you come to grips with the FACTS, and not some version of facts that you have invented in order to have your several hundred readers (I don't claim to have ANY readers, Jim...but I'm certainly not in the habit of having "a quarter of a million readers per month") agree with your radical viewpoint.

Your radical viewpoint about Lara Logan is this (here is the actual blog of Jim Hoft on gatewaypundit.rightnetwork.com):

Gateway Pundit

After Sexual Assault & Beating… CBS Reporter Logan Learns That Political Correctness Is a Killer

…Update: No Media Matters, There Will Be No Retraction

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 12:04 PM

Lara Logan is lucky she’s alive.

Her liberal belief system almost got her killed on Friday. This talented reporter will never be the same.

Why did this attractive blonde female reporter wander into Tahrir Square last Friday? Why would she think this was a good idea? Did she not see the violence in the square the last three weeks? Did she not see the rock throwing? Did she miss the camels? Did her colleagues tell her about the Western journalists who were viciously assaulted on the Square? Did she forget about the taunts from the Egyptian thugs the day before? What was she thinking? Was it her political correctness that about got her killed? Did she think things would be different for her?

CBS News says Lara Logan, shown covering the reaction in Cairo’s Tahrir Square the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, was attacked Friday and suffered a brutal beating and sexual assault before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers. (AOL.com)

Peaceful Egyptian protesters screamed “Jew! Jew!” as they beat and sexually assaulted CBS reporter Lara Logan at Tahrir Square last Friday.
The New York Post reported:

“60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan was repeatedly sexually assaulted by thugs yelling, “Jew! Jew!” as she covered the chaotic fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo’s main square Friday, CBS and sources said yesterday.

The TV crew with Logan, who is also the network’s chief foreign correspondent, had its cameras rolling moments before she was dragged off – and caught her on tape looking tense and trying to head away from a crowd of men behind her in Tahrir Square.

“Logan was covering the jubilation . . . when she and her team and their security were surrounded by a dangerous element amidst the celebration,” CBS said in a statement. “It was a mob of more than 200 people whipped into a frenzy.

“In the crush of the mob, [Logan] was separated from her crew. She was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers.

“She reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning,” the network added. “She is currently in the hospital recovering.”

A network source told The Post that her attackers were screaming, “Jew! Jew!” during the assault. And the day before, Logan had told Esquire.com that Egyptian soldiers hassling her and her crew had accused them of “being Israeli spies.” Logan is not Jewish.

Lara Logan is lucky she’s not dead.

(end of original post by JIM HOFT)

(he updated after Media Matters question him...obviously he attacks them because he felt provoked to go after an organization that has the right to defend another media person being attacked by a blogger who fancies himself better than others in the world)

UPDATE: Sorry Media Matters the post stands.

The far left does not like it when their tenets are questioned. It must be hard when someone holds a mirror up and you see that your twisted agenda has caused such havoc and pain around the world. These warped individuals must have missed that day of school when they talked about playing with fire.

One final question– Does Media Matters ever post anything that is not a dishonest smear job?


Now I will explain that I am not in the habit of reading mediamatters.org --- so it is a rare thing for me to know that the Media Matters organization had anything to do with calling out a viewpoint from a blogger slash non-reporter like this Jim Hoft guy. It just happened to come up as one of the first three things on the Google search I looked through after seeing the questioning of Hoft's blog (questioning is the least of this guy's problems, apparently). MediaMatters.org isn't my cup of tea, either. But a good airing out of a bad blog post never hurt anyone --- unless you're a jerk like Jim Hoft who cannot see that his putting a spin and a context-breaking blog out for the public to consume is not just a bad idea, but is counter-productive to what he may have once wanted to say --- which is likely something about how he perceives that being a reporter in a politically charged foreign country is only done by liberal or left-wing persons. Good try, JIM HOFT. But BAD idea, poor execution, and beyond that --- POOR JUDGMENT to have thought going after a foreign correspondent was fair.

JIM HOFT has shown one side of himself that most people would easily qualify as being "mentally unfit"--- the side that JIM HOFT HIMSELF says is okay to attack someone who has been brutally beaten and sexually assaulted.

The question one has in return for Jim Hoft is this: When you get sent to prison for wrongdoing, are you going to enjoy being brutally beaten and sexually assaulted? Because it would be obvious to those of us who are reporters that you are not capable of handling anything in a rational manner. What you claimed in your article is irrational and unethical at best.

What Lara Logan does, Jim, is report from around the world to the public in the United States. She's not there for a political correctness show. She's not there because she thinks SHE will be different and she will be protected from the mob. She's there to report from the Egyptian mob --- a job that JIM HOFT would never take because he's not capable of doing such a job.

IF JIM HOFT says that going to a foreign country to report is unwise, then, shucky darn, Jimmy, we shouldn't go to any foreign land and report anything of any nature whatsoever...right, dude?

JIM HOFT simply made these statements to become the target of all the men and women who are enraged by the behavior of the mob that brutally assaulted a reporter. Maybe it was his intention to only target what he perceives to be "left wing only" people. But he forgets that one of the tenets of being a good reporter is to leave the baggage of "political sides" on the sideline and get the story first. No...check that...he never learned that --- because he has never been a reporter. His way of living has nothing to do with reporting. His way of living is ensuring there are no middle of the road persons out here doing the right thing. JIM HOFT would rather make us all left-wing liberals BECAUSE WE REPORT. Jim Hoft's world does not have print media, electronic radio as a media, and television resources --- his world is clearly stuck in the 1700s when printing presses were an expensive commodity.

Frankly, blogger-only-and-non-reporter Jim Hoft, we'd like to hear you say something that's not as PC as you did about Lara Logan. Apparently you forget that freedom of speech and freedom of expression each have come with a price. From here forward, you'll pay that price with any crazy words you include in any of your blogs.

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