26 May 2009

Music, Media, Blogging, and Public Relations...and CAKE!

As if you couldn't figure it out, this is going to be a blog dedicated to forms of music, media, and public relations.

My 25th anniversary as a broadcaster is this year, and I celebrate that long as a journalist even though that predates my on-air days by a couple of years by virtue of the "time off" I did take between my junior year in high school and my time as a news reporter/anchor in radio.

Today, I freely admit that I am more likely to do public relations in tandem with interviews, reporting, etc., because it's more interesting to find the story and help the person with the story TELL it.

My first example is Michael Brinkley. I've known Michael for nearly 20 years. He is an artist and has always been creative. I've seen musical instruments he has created, drawings, movies, and other interesting endeavors...but his new one takes the cake --- literally. Designer Cakes.

Yesterday, Memorial Day 2009, I ate dinner with Michael and his wife and family. He brought a cake. It wasn't just any kind of cake --- it was a special Memorial Day Cake. He created it and made this specialty/gourmet cake specifically for this family gathering...and I must say it was scrumptious...delicious. It fit the day of remembrance to a tee --- and if you read his blog, http://designercake.blogspot.com, you will understand the meaning of the stars and stripes and decorations. Michael has only done a few different designs thus far, but he promises to expand his horizons and create new cakes for those who are looking for a special event cake.

Keep in mind that if you order a Designer Cake from Michael Brinkley, it's going to be personally made --- this is not some store-bought brand thrown together at the last minute.

Go to his blog first and check out the pictures of the cakes. Then consider emailing him and discussing your particular need for a cake or cakes. I guarantee he's not charging $1000 like some of those other cake artists are doing --- he's not a price-gouger or bait-and-switcher. If there's something wrong with the concept he may create for you, haggle with him. His artistry is an open-eared/open-minded creativity and he'll work with you on making and baking a great piece of deliciousness!!!

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  1. bravo, buzz! cake makes all blog posts worthy of props! :)