27 May 2009

Stronger Than Strangers: The Big C

My life is not much different than many people my age. As aging continues, little things become more prevalent in life, including the death of people who are younger, as was the case earlier this year with someone I knew from when we both were in the same high school. I hadn't seen her since she was 14 or 15, and I had frequently wondered about her since 1983. She'd been married and carried the burden of cancer off and on for a few years. Her husband is left to carry on raising the children without her. She was all of 40.

A few years ago I changed jobs and began working where I am now. Things always are shifting around and last summer I began working with a new radio show. In so doing, I made some new acquaintances and friends. One of these people is Scot Kinnaman, who is a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastor and editor at Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis, and a regular contributor to The Afternoon Show on AM 850 KFUO.

Scot and I have a rather casual but cordial relationship, in that we rarely see each other, speak about once per week on the phone before he goes on the air to discuss the Treasury of Daily Prayer, a book he has edited from several great writers and sources. We found out each other was on Facebook and added one another. I have occasionally looked at his blog just to see what it is he is discussing, and it's possible he's read some of my blogs or notes in the past as well, although I've never asked.

Tonight I saw something more dramatic than usual. He posted on his Facebook and Twitter that the tests he had undergone recently for prostate cancer --- came back positive. Scot has to go through who knows what kind of physical beating (again) to fight the battle against the big C.

In knowing Scot Kinnaman for as little time as I have known him, I have never seen him in a cross mood (well, in the mood to discuss Christ's cross, yes...but in a bad mood --- not thus far). Reading his website (www.scotkinnaman.com), I now know more about him personally. His battle against a deadly disease just a few years ago was won because medical personnel quickly reacted to his symptoms AND because of his faith in God and Jesus that showed to his family and friends. Scot's a winner, and although he is perhaps feeling a bit down at having had to wait for the "verdict" that tests were positive for cancer, he also appears to be poised to fight in order to win the battle against prostate cancer.

I urge you, whether you know him or not, to pray for the healing of Pastor Scot Kinnaman.

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